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Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Marketing  of attraction to attract and win customers

Inbound Marketing is the set of marketing strategies aimed at attracting and converting customers using relevant content. With this strategy, the company does not go after customers, but uses means such as search engines, blogs and social networks to be found.

"Inbound Marketing is 62% cheaper than conventional marketing."

What is it for?

- Increase your business visibility;

- Decrease your customers' acquisition cost;

- Attract potential customers;

- Generate content that makes a difference;

- Optimize the sales process.

Inbound Marketing Steps


To generate visitors

We build your company's authority through content, social media and also through paid media.

preparing opportunities

Not all of these Leads are ready for the sales team.

What to do? Automate their nutrition and qualification!

Here enter relationship strategies by email and data capture for the qualification of Leads. 

To turn visitors into leads

You and your customer will need to offer your visitors content offers that are interesting enough for them to complete a registration and become Leads in your customer's contact base.

To turn opportunities into sales

We integrate information and data between the marketing and sales teams using the RD Station Marketing tool.

How we do?

We use tools and means that involve the Digital Marketing sales funnel

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